Basic Skills for Giving Wise Counsel Seminar


A Focused Discipleship Basic Skills Seminar –

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Product Description

Basic Skills for Giving Wise Counsel is part of the three track Focused Discipleship Seminar offered in the fall every even- numbered year. It is now available online to accommodate students who need to meet the prerequisite for classes but have not been able to attend this seminar on site. Those students desiring to complete the ACBC certification process are required to complete this seminar. Instructor: Sue Nicewander, MABC, ACBC.

  • Session 1: Introduction and Essential Qualities of Biblical Counsel (44 minutes)

What is Biblical discipleship?  How to know if you should be offering advice to someone else.

  • Session 2: Getting to the Real Problem (47 minutes)

Discerning issues of the heart. How to ask good questions to obtain essential information.

  • Session 3: Biblical Change (51 minutes)

Addressing a Biblical goal and applying the ‘put off/renew/put on’ principle.

  • Session 4: Disillusionment and Wrong Thinking (28 minutes)

Bringing God’s perspective to your problem.

Students who successfully complete our Basic Skills seminar and six classes will have completed the educational requirement toward certification with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC-formerly NANC) and may elect to continue the process of ACBC certification. See for information about ACBC and details on ACBC certification.