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The Need for Biblical Counseling: HOPE for the HOPELESS
“For whatever things were written in earlier times were written for our learning, that we, through patience and comfort of the  scriptures, might have hope” – Romans 15:4

All around us, people are hurting. Families are struggling. Hearts are filled with panic and despair. Anger spills its venom. Addiction is rampant.  Relationships are fractured. Where should we turn for help?


about2Often a suffering person realizes that there is a God who cares. So when things go wrong, many people go to church, expecting to find a nurturing environment that will bring them the solutions they seek. Some will be helped through the existing ministries in the church. Others may have trouble finding what they are looking for. Many of the believers in the church have pulled back from God’s work, hindering the church’s outreach and other ministries. Most pastors will reach out and try to help when they are aware of the needs in their congregations.

But working with troubled individuals can be a monumental task for overworked pastors who may not have had much training in counseling. At the same time, these pastors may be reluctant to refer their people to counselors outside the church because:

• the counselor’s advice may undermine Biblical  principles
• the cost is prohibitive
• distance is a problem

Biblical Counseling Ministries, Inc. (BCM) recognizes the need. We believe counseling should be Bible-based. Its central focus should be in the local church, where counseling is greatly enhanced through the reinforcement of spiritual models, Bible teaching, ministry opportunities, accountability and the fellowship of God’s people. But we also know that a small church may not have enough staff or resources to meet all the needs.

BCM Offers Help from Scripture

Biblical Counseling Ministries, Inc. believes that the answers to the human dilemma are found exclusively in God’s Word. Our Creator alone truly understands human needs. He can provide the guidance and direction needed to bring about lasting change—from the heart.

Biblical counseling is very practical, but it goes beyond behavior modification techniques. Scripture is applied to everyday situations to help the counselee live out a personal faith in Christ the way God intended. Learning to respond from the heart according to Biblical principles helps the person to recognize the relevance and importance of God’s Word in the immediate situation. When sin is part of the problem, the counselee learns about personal accountability and about God’s loving and powerful forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Development of a personal relationship with God based upon a Biblical understanding of God’s character and the person’s responsibilities is central to good counseling.

In short, the process of Biblical counseling holds good news of redemption and sanctification through Jesus Christ, bringing hope to the hurting.

BCM Goals
Our primary goal is to work in and alongside local churches to help them build Biblical discipleship ministries. We want to see active church members learn how to help the hurting people around them. Our three-tiered program offers classes at different levels to fit the abilities and goals of church leaders in various positions of authority and influence in the church.


BCM offers:
• Discipleship training for church leaders who want to improve their ministry skills
• Resource recommendations for those who want to learn more


Church Participation
BCM operates through the cooperative efforts of five small Central Wisconsin area churches. Each of these churches has invested in the counseling work both financially and administratively to provide a central spot where discipleship ministry training can benefit churches in the entire Central Wisconsin area.

Calvary Baptist Church of Wisconsin Rapids (Seminar Location)

Grace Baptist Church in Plover (Training Center)

Faith Baptist Church in Wisconsin Rapids (Administration Center)

First Baptist Church in Waupaca

Berea Baptist Church of Stevens Point

A Non-Profit Organization
BCM is a nonprofit ministry governed by a Board of Directors. BCM is also under the authority of the governing board and the counseling supervisor at its home church, Calvary Baptist Church of Wisconsin Rapids. Home and host churches are responsible for administrating and carrying out their areas of the ministry.